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We’re Back!

Some of you may have noticed the site has been down for a few months. We had quite the nightmare with our domain and for the time being have switched over to our new domain of We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are back online and ready to get on with production! If you have any bookmarks to our old domain, store, blog, rss, feed, etc., be sure to update them with the new one. icon smile Were Back!

In celebration of our reopening we have put the entire store on sale for 60% off now through the Sunday night at midnight CST. I have a new kit in the works and cannot wait to release it to the world!

Can you believe it is already time to start planning for back-to-school?! It seems like summer just started! The kids are going stir crazy and I think I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’m taking the kids on a weekend camping/fishing trip to let them finally use their fishing poles Santa gave them for Christmas. HAHA! What about you? Did you do anything exciting this summer? Go any place special? If not, where would you like to travel to if you could? Chime in and leave us a comment. We will choose one commenter at random Sunday night to win a coupon toward our store.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! Until next time…

Digital Paper Press





DSF Blog Train

Hi! I had a blast participating in this month’s blog train at Digiscrap Forum. The theme is father’s day, because in Australia Father’s Day is the first Sunday in September. Thanks for stopping by.


I decided to extend my 35% off grand opening sale for a couple of days since the blog train is coming through! I’ll end the sale in about 48 hours so stock up for your last chance to save! Click here to visit the store and look around.


Here is my contribution to the blog train. Click the link below to download freebie.
DSF 09/11 Download (1559)


DPP DSF 09 11 BlogTrain DSF Blog Train

You came from Marie H designs and your next stop is Wilma4Ever
To get the complete list of designers you can see the thread in the forum HERE
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caseysig DSF Blog Train

24 Hour Sale Happening Now

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far! I just want to pop in and let everyone know that everything in the store will be on sale at 50% off for 24 hours only (starting now!) There are several items you can find for as low as 99 cents! Hurry because this sale ends at midnight on Sunday (CST). Click here to shop and save now!

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New! Denim Alphabet Set

I have spent an agonizing 6 days apart from my girls while they visited their dad, and I am going to finally pick them up in an hour to spend one last day with them for the summer. School starts Monday and they are so excited to get back. They are actually both begging for homework. lol I wonder how long it takes before they are laying their heads down on the table while they fiddle with their crayons not wanting to do homework at all! Since it’s my last day with them for the summer, my sister and I are taking our girls to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens here in Galveston, TX. This place is awesome for the kids and they just opened a lazy river and a couple of awesome slides this summer. We’ve been there at least half a dozen times this season! My creative flow seems to ebb when my kids are not home, but I managed to create a new alpha this week. I hope you like it! (image is linked)

DPP alpha denim preview New! Denim Alphabet Set

Of course it is still August and that means this, as well as all items in the store are 35% off. Pick up this versatile alpha for only $1.30 right now

Happy Hump Day!

caseysig New! Denim Alphabet Set







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A Letter From Megan

Hello world! My name is Megan, and I’m Casey’s business partner. I’m so excited to be a part of Digital Paper Press, and even more thrilled to be working on this project with one of my absolute best friends. This is my first blog entry here, but in the future Casey and I plan on having two separate blogs in which we will promote our activities. This may be easier to understand once I start integrating my work into the sites. Before I even get into that, let me start with an introduction!

I am 24, and I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media and Photography. I also took many classes in Advertising Design, Printmaking, Book Arts, Drawing, and Web Design. My love of art is still ever-growing and all-encompassing. I enjoy every aspect of it, and I feel drawn to many medias. The decision to be an artist for a living has not been easy. Finding a career in my degree field has been extremely difficult. For the last 2 years I’ve poured through the classifieds and the internet relentlessly in search of the perfect occupation. One day, while sitting over at Casey’s house venting about the stresses of the unemployment world, we threw out the idea that if we went into business together, we wouldn’t have these problems. Of course, I don’t think we envisioned all the other problems we’d be running into! haha. Digital Paper Press was essentially born that day.

Several months of planning & a few life changes/events have led us up to this very moment. While I eventually found a job as a secretary to help me pay the bills until we could get DPP truly off the ground, it’s created many scheduling conflicts for me with regards to the site. Because it’s a full-time position, I have had very little extra time to devote to this project. I am finally getting a vacation this week from my second job in a couple of days and I’ll be gone until the 22nd of August. As soon as I return, I plan to start getting my portion of the site together.

What does my portion of the site entail? Good question! While Casey is heavily involved in digital scrapbooking, I am more foreign to that aspect of the art world. I like to think of myself as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, but what I have to offer is more of a broad range of custom services and products. For example, let’s say you need a custom photo album? How about a logo, advertisement or package design for your company? Need any t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, address labels, or cute little fancy pens? Banners (be it online or large-scale physical graphics)? Basically anything you can think of… I want to help you make it. And if I can’t or Casey might be more up your alley, we can handle that too! Casey and I are open to any inquiries you all have. Ask us if we can make it! We’ll let you know! Things I also want to spotlight eventually will be a gallery of some of my work, and prints in the store if there are some you’d like to purchase… as well as a portfolio of sorts that will continuously be added to and updated.

As you might be able to guess, integrating this portion of the site is going to take a bit of time (and dedication on my part!) This process will not happen immediately, but over time. You may notice subtle differences in the future. Don’t be alarmed. It’s just us trying to make everything available to you all. Please have a bit more patience with us. We are basically starting this from scratch! We have yet to truly establish ourselves… but when we do, watch out world!

In the meantime, please don’t take my silence as inability. I am working in the background to contribute and help us grow. Casey will keep you all entertained and satisfied for now… she’s far more talented and deserving than many of you will ever realize! You’ll come to appreciate her as much as I do if you’re a regular visitor. I would love to hear your input, thoughts, and questions or comments. Please email me at if you’d like to contact me. I will update you all as soon as I have more to offer.

Until then… – Megan (P.S. Special thanks to our family and friends for supporting us on this crazy adventure of ours!)  :-)


On The Go – CU Overlays

Late night blogging… gotta love it! I have a busy week planned with my girls so I probably won’t be back to post anything new until next weekend, so I am taking advantage of the precious time I have while the little boogers are sleeping. This month my youngest daughter Zoe starts pre-k 3 and my oldest, Chloe, is going into Kindergarten. This is so exciting, but at the same time it makes me kinda sad to know that their toddler days are officially behind them. When Chloe started pre-k last year I found out the hard way that I am on the extreme end of the first-day-of-school mommy blues. I can remember dropping her off and walking her into the classroom while at least 10 kids were bawling and a couple looked as if they were convulsing in agony that their parents were leaving. Not Chloe! She walked right in, set her back-pack down and waved at the camera with a big-ole grin. In fact, she looked at the others then looked at me with an expression that asked “What’s wrong with them?!” I was the last parent to leave and they almost had to push me outta there. There my baby sat, cool as a cucumber as her mom was all kinds of anxious inside. I walked backwards out of the classroom taking one small step at a time. As I rounded the corner to leave I peeked my head in to make sure she was really fine, waved AGAIN, then proceeded to slowly walk down the hall through the crowd of parents to the exit. Before I could get outside the tears started welling up in my eyes and I tried to hold it together until I got in the car. (Keep in mind I was a stay at home mom and my kids never went to daycare at this point) I flung open my car door, plopped down with my head against the steering wheel and bawled like a baby for a good five minutes. I thought I had pulled myself together as I pulled out of the parking lot, but the thought of being away from my daughter for the first time had me pulling over to sob some more. One has to ask themselves, who is really acting like the adult in this situation? Ahhh… memories. Well by day 2 I think I was fine. It was just too much for this overly-attached and emotional mom to handle!

I know it is going to be tough again with my “baby” starting pre-k, but not nearly as bad as the first. I am SO not ready for summer to end. I have loved spending so much time with my kids although they are anxious to get back! We had a pretty awesome summer all-in-all between camping, backyard picnics, and Walt Disney World. icon smile On The Go   CU Overlays We live in Texas and drove to Orlando for the trip, which inspired me to design my latest kit “On The Road Again,” and later these travel themed commercial use overlays that I can’t wait to show you! I hope you all are having a fun and memorable summer!

Have a look at my newest release. This and everything else in the shop is on sale for 35% off for our grand opening sale!


On The Go – CU Overlays

DPP OnTheGo CU Overlays On The Go   CU Overlays

10 commercial use overlays with a transportation theme. No credit required. Patterns include bicycles, cars, traffic / road signs, airplanes, tire treads, bus, & people crossing. 12×12 & 300 dpi.

Sale Price: $1.95 


Also In The Shop

I have a few other CU items in the store right now for 35% off through the end of the month. Take a peek and see if you find anything you can’t live without.

DPP Timeline On The Go   CU OverlaysSale price: $1.30


DPP StitchedFeltAlphas On The Go   CU OverlaysSale Price: $1.95


DPP GlossEmbossPrev On The Go   CU OverlaysSale Price: $1.30


Free Gift

Here are 2 free commercial use overlays. No credit required. Click the link below to download.

On The Go Freebie (483)

DPP OnTheGo freebie On The Go   CU Overlays


Have a super-dee-duper rest of the weekend!



Spotlight On: On The Road Again

Our final kit spotlight is here and it is my favorite (and newest) kit to date. icon smile Spotlight On: On The Road Again My family and I travel on the road quite a bit, so it was only natural that I design a road trip themed kit. The whole shop is on sale for 35% off at the moment, so stock up and save! Click here to visit the store.

Spotlight On: On The Road Again

DPP Road Spotlight On: On The Road Again

This kit includes 11 patterned papers, 5 textured solid papers, 1 full lowercase alpha, 1 air mail chipboard piece, 5 bottlecaps, 1 brake inspection tag, 1 chipboard butterfly, 2 roads, 1 cloud, 1 circle-y doodad, 1 interstate journal mat, 1 set of keys, 1 letter, 2 post cards, 2 licence plate word arts, 1 mile marker, 12 road sign rub-ons, 1 stamp, 1 stop sign, 3 tags (1 recolored), 3 chipboard talk bubbles, 1 torn paper edge, 1 traffic light

Regular Price: $6.00
Sale Price: $3.90


 Layout Inspiration

Free Gift
Today’s free gift is brought to you by Helen S. & Dannethia S. Click the link below to download.
DPP Road blogfreebies Spotlight On: On The Road Again
I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the Win Your Wishlist contest!


Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather

Today was pretty eventful. My girls go back to their dad’s house tomorrow and I always like to do something a little special for them before they go. You know how Build-A-Bear gives each bear a birth certificate when they are adopted? Well today was their bears’ 3 year birthday. Not really, I lost the birth certificates, but we usually celebrate their birthdays around this time for the past couple of years. (weird, yes… but the kids love it) So today we had a party. We had a water balloon fight, played in the kiddie pool, ate dinner with the fluffy things, and even sang happy birthday as the kids helped them blow out the candles on their strawberry short cake. I’m late blogging tonight because of it, but it was totally worth it. hehe Here are a couple of shots of the water balloon fight and the other is just after blowing out the candles. (don’t judge the photos, I’m just a mamarazzi with a crappy camera) You can see in their eyes how tired they were. They played hard!

build a bear 017 Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather

build a bear 049 Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather

What I would give to be a kid again. I’m living vicariously through them and enjoying every minute of it! Well kids, time for another kit spotlight. icon smile Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather


Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather – Digital Scrapbook Kit

DPP BoF Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather

This mini kit packs a powerful punch in its versatility! Included with the kit is 5 patterned papers and 3 textured solid papers, 1 scalloped alpha, 1 stitched felt bird, 1 flower clip, 1 ribbon clip, 1 threaded button, 1 envelope, 2 digital flowers, 2 paper flowers, 1 fringed frame, 1 “real” stitched journal mat, 1 metallic photo holder, 1 stitched pocket, 1 ribbon, 1 pennant banner word art, 1 blank bunting banner
You can pick up this sweet little kit on sale for only $2.60

Layout Inspiration

Win Your Wishlist!
All you have to do to win is visit the shop and create a wish list by August 3rd at midnight (CST). I will count up how many wish lists are stored in the shop and choose one person at random to win their wish list! Good luck!


Free Gift

Dannethia S. & Helen S. were at it again creating this wonderful pack of quick pages for you! Click the link below to download.


Birds of a Feather - Free Gift (767)

DPP BoF blogfreebies Spotlight On: Birds of a Feather

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Tomorrow will be the final kit spotlight and my favorite kit to date… stay tuned and come back tomorrow for more goodies!


Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

Hello again! After being away for the past year, it feels so nice to be blogging daily for our grand opening. What is up with the heat? It’s relentless! We live in Galveston, TX on the gulf coast, so we don’t have it quite as bad as some. At least it’s not hitting the triple digits! The kids and I are going to beat the heat with water balloons and playing in the sprinkler (which should make for fun photos too!) I can’t wait to tell you about our new contest…

Win Your Wishlist!
All you have to do to win is visit the shop and create a wish list by August 3rd at midnight (CST). I will count up how many wish lists are stored in the shop and choose one person at random to win their wish list! Good luck!

Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood – Digital Scrapbook Kit

DPP Neighborhood Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

This massive mega-kit weighs in at a hefty 617MB and it chock full of outdoorsy goodness for boys, girls, pets, bugs, and virtually anyone that you could think of to be the spotlight in your layouts. With 18 patterned papers and 13 textured solids, you have plenty of choices! This kit includes 2 full alphas (1 includes numerals and punctuation), 1 acorn, 1 airplane (with photo window), 1 bee, 6 adorable birds, 5 brads, 1 butterfly, 7 buttons, 2 cars (both with photo windows), 1 cat, 1 clip, 1 cloud, 1 date label (2009), 1 dragonfly, 1 fence, 1 flair, 2 flower frames, 1 frame cluster, 1 grass, 1 heart flower, 4 huge houses, 4 leaves, 6 not-so-green greenery, 3 photo turns, 1 stamp frame, 1 semi-straight stitching, 1 circle stitching, 1 streetlight, 2 string clips, 1 sun, 6 trees to match any season, 1 truck (with and without window), 2 vines, 2 word arts

You can get this huge kit in the store on sale right now for only $5.20!

There is so much packed into this kit that one preview just wouldn’t do it justice. Here are some previews of the contents.

DPP neighborbood elementpre Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview1 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview2 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview4 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview5 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview6 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

DPP neighborbood elementpreview7 Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

This kit was one that was sold in my previous store, so check to make sure you don’t already have it before purchasing. icon smile Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood I hate when that happens. Twice I’ve bought a kit that I had bought already. I guess that just means I really  liked it!

Layout Inspiration

I also have a few albums that former CT members created with “In The Neighborhood” that I would love to show you.


Hybrid House Album

DPP HybridHouseAlbum Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

This album includes 8 pre-designed pages in PNG format allowing you to plop your photos in and print on A4 paper. Album designed by jscrapbug using my kit “In The Neighborhood.”
You can buy it on sale for just $2.60 right now.


20 Page Album w/ Covers & Spine
DPP Neighborhood QP Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

Do you have shutterfly or Artscow credits expiring soon and need to print a book quickly? Then this album is for you! Album includes 20 coordinating quick pages, sized 12×12 in PNG format, and also comes with front & back covers and spine. Each page was designed with full bleed printing in mind and is already formatted for easy ordering with most photo book companies including Shutterfly, MyPicTails, Artscow and more! If you like the “In The Neighborhood” album, check out our 34 page “ABC Album” which was created with the same ginormous kit.
You can buy it now for only $6.50 on sale!


34 Page ABC Album w/ Covers & Spine

DPP abc album Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood
34 12×12 pages, 4 each front covers, back covers and spines to choose from, 1 blank filler page for additional customization, separate word art for spines.
On sale for only $6.50 for a limited time.

This is not the best picture, but I used this album because I needed to make a book quick! I was surprised at how quickly it came together and after picking my photos I had my book ordered from ArtsCow in less than an hour. I was amazed when my book came in and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is such an amazing feeling to see your digital creations in print. If you are new to Artscow, use this link and you will receive 1200 free print credits as well as three 8×8 photo book credits. It’s been a few years since I joined, but I remember getting a whole list of free credits I was able to use. Here is the ABC album above, printed.

DPP abc album printed Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood


Free Gift

Helen S. & ScrapinMama have created a super fun pack of three 12×12 Quick Pages with “In The Neighborhood” for you today. Yay! Click the link below to download.

In The Neighborhood - Free Gift (730)

DPP Neighborhood blogfreebies Spotlight On: In The Neighborhood

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I’ll be back tomorrow. Stay cool!